How to Tell if Your Car Dealer is Trustworthy




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How to Tell if Your Car Dealer is Trustworthy

Buying a parallel import car is much cheaper than buying from an authorised dealer. The difference in prices between the two can vary from $20k to $40k! With such a hefty amount of savings, it is no wonder that many people choose to go with them.

However, we’ve all heard the horror stories of untrustworthy dealers scamming customers of their hard-earned money, or using unethical schemes to get buyers to pay more than the agreed price for their vehicle. To prevent this, you’ll want to buy from an honest and reputable car. But how exactly can you tell if your car dealer is trustworthy or not? Here are some ways to tell if a car dealer can be trusted.

They Have Documented Processes

When buying a car, you want everything in black and white to prevent misunderstandings and solve any disputes. A trustworthy dealer will have a proper purchase process you can follow with documentation that clearly states what to expect. This ensures that they are honest and transparent in their dealings. They will not ask you to commit to a decision without your signed approval first.

Connections with Other Businesses

A reputable car dealer is more likely to be trustworthy if their business has partnerships and connections with other businesses. For example, bank loans with reputable financial institutions or insurance-backed workshops. Collaboration with other reputable organisations is a sign that the car dealer’s business is sound. 

They Have Positive Reviews

The internet is a wonderful resource for local business reviews. It gives people a place to voice out their displeasure if they aren’t happy, and on the flipside, heap praise on a car dealer if service is great. Before you engage with a dealer, it helps to check out their Google or Facebook reviews for more information. Read what people are saying and spot for honest or even dishonest practices. A car dealer with many negative reviews may not be worth your time.

They Are Recommended On Listing Sites

Car listing sites like are excellent independent resources for buyers looking for trustworthy dealers. When in doubt, look on their recommended merchants directory to find a dealer that has been vetted by the community and third-party platforms to be trustworthy.

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