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Know What You’re Buying

Here at CarVault we understand that buying a car is more than just the vehicle. It’s about the whole package. From choosing your model to financing options, COE bidding, collection, after-sales service and more; you need a transparent and honest dealer who will make your car buying experience a smooth one. 


That is why at CarVault, you’ll find:


A Great Selection: Choose from our extensive list of makes and models with both new and pre-owned cars from top Japanese automotive manufacturers like Toyota, Honda and Suzuki.


Easy Financing: Finance your new vehicle using our in-house bank loans partnered with reputable banks and financial institutions. We return 100% of the deposit if your loan is unsuccessful.


No-Fuss Warranty: Your peace of mind is important after you drive out of our doors. We’ve partnered with insurance-backed workshops to ensure reliable service should you encounter any issues.


Ready Stocks and Guaranteed COE Bidding: Can’t wait? We have ready COE in hand. Go from paperwork to your car delivered in just 7 business days. Or choose to wait for your bid, either way, your car is secured. 


Flexible Trade-Ins: Want to trade-in your existing vehicle to offset the cost of your new car? We help you sell your car on a consignment basis and offer a guaranteed trade-in price if it fails to sell at your expected value.